Can I add accents to the text in my Pablo images?

We're running across this issue recently due to a big switch we made internally that will allow us to add in some great features for you. Unfortunately the new tool we use isn't well adapted to some languages and accents.

One approach that's worked well for a few people in copying + pasting the text into Pablo. I know this is an extra step, but we've seen that it seems to work quite well.

I seem to have a bug in Pablo that’s making it stop working!

Sometimes it helps to run Pablo in Incognito or in a Private Window within your browser (you should be able to find this under the File menu). Sometimes a good ol’ restart or closing the browser and opening it again can help too! If the bug is a total show stopper, then please do fire us a quite message.

If I make an image in Pablo, can I use it for my personal or commercial project/branding/ads?

You absolutely would be safe copyright-wise when you use a Pablo creation, as long as that creation just contains image and text that you searched for from within Pablo.

As soon as you import or upload an image/logo/icon/etc from elsewhere we're relying on you to double check rights for those elements. Here are some more details in our license. :)

I have a total awesome idea for Pablo! Who can I tell?

It’s always super great to see people passionate about our work at Pablo. If you feel it’s super important to show us your cool idea, we’d be glad to listen. Just drop off your note to us and we’d love to hear it. Please don’t be offended if you don’t hear back, we do listen!

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